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Golden Section Triptych. 1979.

72x48 inches.
Acrylic painting on board.

Each panel uses the Golden Section for its construction.
Using up to 40 working drawings the lines and diagonals are pared down until an image that convinces me of its right to exist appears.

I transfer this image to the picture, sometimes making further changes to the design. I then experiment within the confines of the geometric structure.

In this particular case I juxtaposed areas of Chinese brush-strokes, palette-knife work, thrown paint, polished paint and sprayed paint. Next to these I added a textured area and one that had what I had eaten, smoked and used to make the painting (like cigarette butts, spaghetti and paint tubes) stuck to the surface.

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Triptych Golden Section painting - Art for sale.
Triptych Golden Section painting - Art for sale.

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