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Pandora. 2002.

68x48 inches.
Acrylic painting on board.

When Pandora was tricked into opening the box that the Gods had left to get their revenge on her husband, all the troubles of the World were let out. Pandora was clever enough to slam the lid shut but let out Hope to try and put right all the ills that she’d let in to the World.

The troubles of war and pestilence are symbolised by the inclusion of toy tanks, helicopter gun-ships and locusts in the swirling net and lace.

Out of the confusion of marks comes 'hope'. In this painting the latin cross (+) symbolises altruism and stability, standing out against the chaos, malevolence and xenophobia represented here by the saltire cross (x).

One detail has Saint George astride a giant phallus. This is a reference to the film Doctor Strangelove, where the American pilot rides on the atomic bomb like a cowboy. Click here to view that detail.

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Pandora painting - Art for sale.
Pandora painting - Art for sale.

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