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A Little Bit of Art History part 3. 2005.

20x12 inches + mount.
Acrylic painting on board.

This is made up of painted copies of artists that interest me. For this painting the criteria changed. I decided on a loose German theme.

The grey painting is by Adolf Ziegler whom Hitler chose to curate the notorious Degenerate Art Shows in the 30’s. Some of the artists featured in these shows are represented here: Beckmann, Mueller, Grosz and Dix.

Grunewalde’s Crucifixion would have inspired these German Expressionists just as I was inspired by Antonello da Messina for mine.
Lucien Freud escaped from Nazi Germany to Great Britain and Rothko was safe from the Nazi death camps as he lived in the USA.

Gunter Brus was part of the Vienna Actionist Group. Part of their brutal use of blood and guts in their performances was to try and come to terms with Austria and Germany’s Nazi past. Their Actions were meant to be cathartic and involved putting themselves through pain and even mutilation, leading in one case, to the death of the artist.

I also included one of my own paintings that had connections with the Holocaust during which 6 million Jews were put to death and also 6 million others were also exterminated. This included Slavs, the mentally and physically handicapped, political prisoners, homosexuals, various religious groups and anyone else that Hitler didn’t like. (See The Scourge of the Swastika by Lord Russell of Liverpool, which is about the evidence presented at the Nuremberg war trials.

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A Little Bit of Art History part 3 painting - Art for sale.
A Little Bit of Art History part 3 painting - Art for sale.

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