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Tony Ashton - professional UK artist
About Tony Ashton
The artist Tony Ashton was born in 1948 and spent 5 years at Bath, Lincoln and Bristol art colleges between 1966 and 1971. He has exhibited throughout Britain and abroad and has work in collections in Europe, Japan, Australia and the USA. He has given talks about his work in schools and colleges as well as on the radio and television.

In the 70's he concentrated on painting and in placing together different styles of painting in one art work. This way of working was criticised at the time but has since come to be recognised as an aspect of Post Modernism, as artists world-wide came to the same conclusion "that everything radical was achieved during the time of Modernism and that Post Modern artists should look again at the art of the Old Masters and re-interpret it for a contemporary audience."

His large, abstract Golden Section Series, which followed this, culminated in "The Planets Suite". He then created his "Little bits of Art History" which were juxtaposed, painted copies of Old Masters and Modern Icons. These were intended to comment on society's obsession with fame and celebrity and the way we are bombarded with visual imagery.

In the HYBRIDS he has applied the geometric shapes of the Golden Section to Old Master paintings, thus combining Photo-realism with Abstract art. His aim is to take modern art forward without jettisoning all the refinements hard won by artists of the past.

The HYBRIDS reflect aspects of Surrealism and Cubism and remind some people of stage sets and Indian Miniatures. They play around with perspective and create a virtual world that is both strange yet familiar.

Tony is a contemporary artist who is based near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, England. He lives in the heart of the countryside where he feels he can concentrate on his artistic development.

Tony has dedicated his life to art for the past 40 years. His love of the work of other artists is shown very clearly in his paintings called "Little Bits of Art History". Tony has diverse taste: from Picasso to Pollock, Rembrandt to Rauschenburg, Caravaggio to Keifer and da Vinci to Duchamp. His Post Modern take on art, using the Golden Section is unique.

Some of my paintings are highly textured and have imbedded objects, many are abstract, but for some I use photo realist techniques.

I juxtapose geometric areas of different painting techniques and explore aspects of Post Modernism in the way my work often refers to Art History. I've always been interested in Symbolism in art. In some of my paintings esoteric meaning is hidden in the layers of paint and texture. (See The Planets Suite).

I have always adopted a style that is most appropriate to what I want to express. I alternate between totally abstract and photo realist painting. I have also been mixing the styles together since the 60's.

I have experimented with ceramics, performance, sculpture and multimedia installations, but my love of painting has always remained constant.

My work is about paradox. It combines the organic and the geometric; the emotional and the cerebral, and the sensual and the spiritual.

Contemporary artist Tony Ashton

What people have said about Tony Ashton's work:

"Slabs of colour and texture inter-penetrate on the diagonal to create energetic and forceful compositions".

Sarah Kent, Time Out.

"A kaleidoscope of colours".

Mark Currah, City Limits.

"Ashton uses all the experiments of modern art alongside the aesthetics that made the Old Masters great. He wants to take modern painting forward. His work is complex, multi-layered and sophisticated and has wide appeal".

Joss O'Kelly.


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